XLOCK Smartbox 30

Art.-Nr.: XL-SB30


  • Digital key box
  • Keyboard with buttons
  • Bluetooth & Pincodes
  • Remote control and unlocking possible with Gateway (to be ordered separately)
  • Robust die-cast zinc housing
  • IP44  (Installation only in weather-protected areas)
  • USB-C port for emergency power
  • Includes holding buckle for flexible assembly
  • Dimensions without bracket: H115x W95x D45mm
  • Buckle diameter 9mm: H57x W54mm
  • Batteries: 3x AAA Energizer lithium batteries (to be ordered separately)


  • Smartbox must not be exposed to the rain!
  • New model – available on request! 

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Necessary additional item

  • 3 x AAA Energizer Lithium Batteries